We help overcome the complex and rare challenges our clients encounter on the way to building new opportunities.

We help clients develop exciting ventures and solve seemingly intractable problems. Our thoughtful, tailored approach enables us to understand, first and foremost, each client’s concerns and goals. We then create commercially sensible solutions, innovate novel products and frameworks, and carry principles to their intended objectives. Recognizing our passion for their success, clients will struggle to distinguish between members of their own team and our team.

We devote our skill and significant problem-solving experience to the implementation of shared visions in a sustainable and personalized manner.

What We Do

We advise global financial institutions, real economy initiatives, and serial entrepreneurs as well as start-up enterprises.

We help managers and capital providers create and support investment opportunities across a breadth of asset classes. We create breakthroughs in emerging markets, help clients develop and acquire real assets globally, and establish partnerships across diverse communities and markets.

We counsel impact investors and socially responsible businesses in designing and implementing principles-based markets and technologies. We address inter-generational business and wealth-transfer questions and create tax-efficient structures to implement values and preserve capital.

We stand behind international non-governmental organizations focused on questions of economic development and financial inclusion. We craft standards and mechanisms for burgeoning cross-border industries as well as participatory governance frameworks.

If you believe in what you do, we believe we can help you do it better.


Clients in all seven continents of the world have sought our advice.

Our clients come to us for insightful, carefully tailored solutions. They face complex, often rare challenges and expect innovation to achieve their far-reaching objectives. They create wealth, preserve their families’ legacies, and build markets all while adhering to important values.

Our clients understand that skill, experience, and commitment is best deployed by those passionately vested in their success. They appreciate that substance outweighs form. They seek principled profits and sustainable standards for their own organizations, transactions, products, and families.

And they expect nothing less of those who advise them.

Our clients are major global financial institutions offering stable sources of capital and expertise, international organizations broadening financial inclusion, and start-up enterprises disrupting markets. Our clients include long-standing real economy businesses, investors who understand that social impact and economic returns can and should go hand in hand, and those that manage wealth built by decades of dedication. Some structure investment opportunities, others develop and acquire real estate globally, while others support technological breakthroughs. Our clients connect communities and markets across the world, engage stakeholders with empathy, and believe that wealth is built side by side with philanthropy and long-term horizons.

We at Roberts Moghul & Partners LLC are grateful to serve their aspirations.

Our Team

We are excited by the opportunity to create.

In fact, it is our resourcefulness and imagination that leads clients to bring their visions, challenges, and uncommon goals to Roberts Moghul & Partners LLP. Our lawyers thoroughly enjoy bringing diverse cultures, markets, and communities together and designing opportunities for positive impact through profit.

We offer significant experience in a variety of practice areas and sectors and serve our clients with empathy, transparency, and passion.


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